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A different wearable each month.

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Each box will contain different parts depending on
the project for that month.

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Close the gender gap in technology

Women in tech - there aren't many.

Whether it's startups, investors, programming, or IT, roles like these are traditionally boy's clubs.

Women hold nearly half of all jobs in the United States, yet only 24% of STEM related jobs belong to women

There's a clear gender divide in the tech industry, and it's only getting worse.

But it’s not for a lack of interest

About 74% of young girls express interest in STEM (Science,
Technology, Engineering, Math) fields and computer science.

They're just not being shown the right role models.

They aren't being given enough guidance in these areas.

It’s up to us

To show women of all ages that they can be successful in technology and that they don't need to feel intimidated by STEM.

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women in technology.